Terms & Conditions


  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • The price does not include for 0% VAT construction projects.
  • Unless stated there is no allowance for ground, vertical and horizontal distribution for maintenance works.
  • The price does not include management for waterproofing, insulation or any components unless stated.
  • The price does not allow for main contractor’s discount.
  • 12- month remedial package, 3-4 week intervals.
  • The package is for the A Greener London vertical system only.
  • Additional vegetation management will require an additional agreement.


  • Free and unfettered access to the wall area should be provided for the maintenance process.
  • The price allows for a single visit / mobilization once a month for the term of the agreement.
  • The package allows for plant replacement if deemed necessary by A Greener London (within agreed aftercare plan).
  • The package includes the use of seasonal flowering plants during the maintenance and management period (within agreed aftercare plan).

Payment Schedule

  • Maintenance agreements must be paid in advance for a 12- month contract period or on a single visit basis.
    (Visits even included within package cannot commence until long term maintenance is agreed).

Guarantee and Warranty

  • A Greener London offer a system guarantee following the completion of any establishment packages for the length of the maintenance agreement.
  • The warranty renews every 12 months once a maintenance agreement is renewed.
  • A system with no maintenance agreement carries no guarantee, warranty or plant management cover.
  • A Greener London take no responsibility for plant death, water management, system and interface damage or product issues if a maintenance and guarantee package is not in place.
  • A Greener London will not install any system until a suitable maintenance package has been agreed. If self-maintenance is the preferred option, A Greener London will offer full training and maintenance guidelines.
  • A Greener London will offer no maintenance or guarantee on any or part of alternative systems or where plant material has been supplied or self-planted by others.