Rain Gardens

A roof or ground based depression filled with absorbent material.

Green Hub

Key Features

  • A solution for urban flood alleviation.
  • Free draining and planted with bio diverse plant material.
  • Vegetation that can tolerate occasional localised flooding.
  • Designed to aid a building or area to manage heavy rain more effectively whilst filtering and cleaning runoff.
  • Often deemed a stormwater garden, rain gardens can if correctly installed alleviate flash flooding damage and limit wide spread water accumulation and movement.
  • Rain gardens augment soil permeability, provide moisture redistribution not available where just hard surfaces exist and sustain. Diverse microbial populations involved in the bio-filtration system. Microbial populations that amongst other benefits break down carbons whilst plant material returns moisture to the atmosphere through transpiration reducing heat island effects and benefitting the local environment, Bio diversity, fauna and flora.