Urban parklets introduce vegetation into areas where there is limited alternative greening. Suitable for areas devoid of street trees and not suitable for living walls and roofs, parklets offer a green oasis for the local population.


  • Parklets can be introduced with a variety of applications.
  • Interactive harvestable where the local community manage fruit, vegetable and herb production.
  • Bio-Diverse plantings.
  • Flower and foliage plantings.
  • Seasonal plantings including annual and perennial stock.
  • A range of suitable or recycled planters are used depending on availability, area and the design brief.
  • Integrated seating is possible with high raised bed planting.
  • Species selection to maximise environmental process, reduction and absorption of HAPs, emission reduction and air cleaning qualities re oxygenating the local atmosphere whilst bringing down ambient pavement temperatures and aiding the heat island effect suffered by many urban centres.
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