Living Walls

A Greener London design, Supply and install a range of internal and external systems, both temporary and permanent, purchased or leased, the company can facilitate most applications for vertical greening.

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Requirements and considerations

  • A living wall has several key considerations, wherever the application is suggested the wall substrate must have the integrity to support systems that when saturated weigh 70kg/sqm.
  • Internal systems must have a supplementary light source to replace light spectrums reduced by glass and the light levels for a sustainable system should be 1000 LUX with a wavelength of 400 nanometers.

Internal / Retail / Corporate / Biophilic

  • Biophilic designed systems comprising high species diversity & sustainable system components.
  • 30 plants per sqm providing 80% coverage once installed.
  • 12-15 species diversity selected to offset identified VOCs and PMs and to provide high aesthetic impact with a low to moderate maintenance requirement.
  • Irrigation system with vertical feed lines and lateral delivery lines connected to fully automated break tank and water / feed system or an automated timer connected to a mains feed providing a 15mm connection and 1.5 BAR pressure.
  • Designed for aesthetic and health and wellbeing functional performance.
  • Water requirement 0.5L/sqm per week.
  • The system is semi closed or closed so will need a catchment tray to take the small amount of water exiting at the base to a designated drainage outlet.
  • Lighting requirement to provide natural and supplementary LUX levels of 1000 and a wavelength of 400 nanometres to replace blue light spectrums filtered out by windows.
  • 70kg/sqm predominantly into the ground with secure fixings at the top of the systems back to frame or substrate.
  • Closed unit sizes 600mm (w) x 200mm (d) x 200mm (h) (product code AP0600).
  • Semi Closed system 1&0.5m (w) x 200mm (d) x 1&2m (h) (product codes EW11 / Ew 12 / EW 051 / EW 052).
  • Temporary or permanent system, movable and suitable for long and short term lease arrangements.
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