Free Standing

Biophilic designed systems comprising high species diversity & sustainable system components. Free standing frame with double sided plant finish for open plan use and single sided free standing where wall substrate is not sufficient to tolerate weights or penetrations.


  • 30 plants per sqm providing 80% coverage once installed.
  • 12-15 species diversity selected to offset identified VOCs and PMs and to provide high aesthetic impact with a low to moderate maintenance requirement.
  • Irrigation system with vertical feed lines and lateral delivery lines connected to fully automated break tank and water / feed system or an automated timer connected to a mains feed providing a 15mm connection and 1.5 BAR pressure.
  • Designed for aesthetic and health and wellbeing functional performance.
  • Water requirement 0.5L/sqm per week.
  • The system is semi closed so will need a catchment tray to take the small amount of water exiting at the base to a designated drainage outlet.
  • Lighting requirement to provide natural and supplementary LUX levels of 1000 and a wavelength of 400 nanometres to replace blue light spectrums filtered out by windows.
  • 70kg/sqm predominantly into the ground with secure fixings at the top of the systems back to frame or substrate.
  • Closed unit sizes 600mm (w) x 200mm (d) x 200mm (h) (product code AP0600).
  • Semi Closed system 1&0.5m (w) x 200mm (d) x 1&2m (h) (product codes EW11 / Ew 12 / EW 051 / EW 052).
  • Temporary or permanent system, movable and suitable for long and short term lease arrangements.
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