A Greener London provides a range of sustainable green infrastructure products carefully designed to provide sustainable managed solutions for internal and external applications.

The company continues to innovate and develop new and improve existing systems to ensure the quality and performance is never knowingly compromised.

Product Green Hub

The Grow Pod

An innovative communal area solution, constructed to form an eye-catching sphere and planted with a variety of schemes to provide a private sanctuary in a public place. Supplied with irrigation feeds to all units.

Product Living Wall

Living Walls

A Greener London design, supply and install a range of internal and external systems, both temporary and permanent, purchased or leased, the company can facilitate most applications for vertical greening.

Product External


Environmentally designed systems comprising high species diversity & sustainable system components. Designed for aesthetic and health and wellbeing, environmental and ecological/bio-diversity performance.

Product Freestanding

Free Standing

Biophilic designed systems comprising high species diversity & sustainable system components. Free standing frame with double sided plant finish for open plan use and single sided free variations.

Product Green Screen

Green Screens

Ground or container planted, suitable as an alternative to fencing and hedging, quick to install, instant impact. Can be installed as a deign using multiple single species panels to form a more varied and bio-diverse effect.

Product Parklets


Urban parklets introduce vegetation into areas where there is limited alternative greening.  Suitable for areas devoid of street trees and not suitable for living walls and roofs, parklets offer a green oasis for the local population.

Product Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens

A solution for urban flood alleviation – a roof or ground based depression filled with absorbent material. Designed to aid a building or area to manage heavy rain more effectively whilst filtering and cleaning runoff.

Product Planter

Biophilic Planters

Self-watering planters aid correct use of interior plants ensuring that in a day time manner office, plant species that produce CO2 during the day are minimised or offset by species that produce CO2 at night.

Product Roof Garden

Roof Gardens

Roof space conversion for leisure and communal use in built-up areas. Extensive and intensive systems are available incorporating standard living roof practice blended with ground based landscaping techniques.