Green Infrastructure

A Greener London is dedicated to improving the urban environment. The company embraces the need not only for greening more areas but also improving the bio diversity and performance of these green areas.

Green Infrastructure includes large areas of urban parkland but also local integration of vegetation to areas where pollution levels are high and emission control is limited. We aim to develop vertical gardening concepts, living walls, roof greening and production zones, pavement parks and a range of other products thwart improve both the environments and the health and wellbeing of the inhabitants.

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Green Infrastructure is the provision of ingredients for resolving urban environmental and climatic challenges by building with nature. Main components include:

  • Storm water management

  • Air pollution / improved air quality, HAP (hazardous airborne pollutants) reduction

  • Reduced heat stress and reduction of heat island effects

  • Increased bio-diversity

  • Urban food production and sustainability

  • Sustainable energy production

  • Clean water and healthy soils

  • Anthropocentric function (the quality of life through recreation and providing shade and shelter within the urban environment

  • Provision of an ecological framework for social, economic and environmental health of the surroundings.

  • Low carbon infrastructure