Biophilic Design

Biophilia translates to “the love of nature”. Increasingly we are learning to explore our connection to the natural world and incorporate it into our working lives. A Greener London is committed to increasing the use of biophilic design.

Design Sensory

Sensory Design

Systems or areas that are designed with plant material appeal to the senses. These are interactive designs for people with sensory disability or where a client has a need for a particular form of sensory design. This can include water or wind movement and incorporate sounds.

Biophilic Design

Understanding the interaction between plants and people improves health and wellbeing in the work place. Sustainable and low maintenance systems make correct use of day/night oxygenation plant species. With careful integration of plant material we can transform your working or living space.

Design Biophilic
Design Environmental

Environmental Design

We specialise in systems which can benefit the environment, plus improve health and wellbeing by using plants that can tolerate, process and absorb HAPs and airborne toxins. Put simply, our systems improve and clean the air.