Our systems promote biodiversity and species diversity while maintaining an aesthetic in keeping with your corporate or personal style. Everything we do is environmentally and ecologically friendly.


Functions Lighting
  • Internal requirements for supplementary lighting
  • 1000 LUX plant coverage
  • 400 nanometer light wavelength to replace blue light required for foliar sustainability filtered out by glass
  • Spotlights or LED strips


Functions Substrate
  • Well-draining substrate with 20% maximum non-peat organic content
  • Leca, virgin crushed brick and compacted clay
  • Green waste content 10%
  • Blended with water management
  • Compacted clay acting as pest deterant

  • Structured nutritional delivery


Functions Irrigation
  • Simple tap connected controller with water meter and flow valve
  • Semi-automated system
  • Fully automated system
  • Option for tank and pump systems
  • Options for feed tank
  • Option for back flush filter and restrictor


Functions Maintenance
  • Remedial packages including 8-10% plant replacement allowance per annum
  • Pest and disease control programs
  • Plant management
  • Pruning and reduction
  • Feed and nutritional programs
  • Winter drain down service